Boy Meets Girl…. well sort of…

Hey guys long time no….see? Well you know what I mean!! Finally had a weekend off, Thursday marked my 14th day of work in a row!! Can you believe it, managed to muster up the energy to snap photos of my outfit that I promised you guys on instagram. Of course with minor tweaks. Well enough talking, here you go! Enjoy as always.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

(what I’m wearing: Cynthia Rowley tuxedo pants and Top, A Byer tuxedo Jacket)




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Happy New Years!!

I couldn’t tell you how it feels to become a working women even if I tried. First it was exciting, then tiresome, then exciting and then…. well you get the picture. Lets just say, i’ve been drinking a lot of Carmel Macchiatos…. (laughs*) I think I’ve finally got the hang of things, and I do believe I am done, for the most part, with helping plan events and traveling. Well…. at least until the end of January. Thanks for supporting me and staying with me even though I havent said a word about whats going on via my blog. However, theres always instagram and twitter.  I suppose that for a while I kind of lost my passion in updating due to me working on my dreams, no worries though…… heres to the New Years… hoping that this year will be better than the last.

IMG_7274 IMG_7255 IMG_7275 IMG_7276 IMG_7284 IMG_7304 IMG_7309  IMG_7311 IMG_7321 IMG_7320  IMG_7335 IMG_7352 IMG_7357

What I’m wearing: Liz Claiborne red bottoms, top from JCP, Chanel inspired white jacket by worthington, Clutch a gift, Levity wedges.



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Lazy Sundays…

Its been awhile, but life’s still great. Been traveling and taking snapshots of my life in the making and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Finally had time to sit down and enjoy my new place, I really do enjoy these lazy sundays. Hope you all had an amazing month of July, I know I did.Image

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Life Changing

As if I could be blessed anymore than what I am…. another blessing happened. I picked up the keys to my first place yesterday afternoon. As soon as I walked up the stairs and into my living room, I looked at my mother and said, “this is my place?” My mom replied, “yep, I’ll be reliving 23 years old through you now.” (SN: I wont be 23 until this fathers day, so all presents can be forwarded to my new place) As requested from one of my subbies on my youtube channel, I think I am going to film day to day “In the life of auri” videos. So stay tuned…this is going to be life changing for both of us.


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Written all over…

After Church last week, went furniture shopping, and man can’t I wait to show you the vintage pieces I picked up. Todays’ look was “Pin-up girl meets conservative”. I didn’t do a red lip because both the skirt and the Studs achieved the pop of color I wanted and it irks me when people wear a red lip when red is clearly written all over the outfit. Hope you enjoy!

(Pencil skirt: JCP, Polka Dot top: Macys, Peep toe patent heels: JCP, Red studs: made by me)


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Black & Brown

This whole shoot started as a “Family Portrait” and then slowly became a shoot about my “Look of the day. That’s the explanation for the cheesy photo with Prince, my sister and I. Forgive us, we try to emulate The Huxtables….once in a while. We failed miserably… as for the outfit…I think it passed. Who said Black and Brown were never suppose to go together??

(Heels, Feather earrings and Jumper from JCP. Bracelet and Necklace from mothers Jewelry armoire)


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Plumbery Passion

Promised you guys a tutorial on this look last week…and i am on a roll with keeping them. You guys are in for a treat. Never have I done a hair AND make up tutorial, but i figured what the heck? I’ve been rocken the Senegalese twist for a week so why not show how i rock em?  I’ll call this “Plumberry Passion.” I think the colors justify the name? Try and upload the video’s down below if youtube corroborates, If not ill just leave you the link to my channel…here 😉 Enjoy and before I forget…WELCOME NEW SUBBIES!!!!


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